About Us

Introducing The Remedy Co.

We are the product of years of research experimentation and development. Our founder and formulator Alexander S. Angeloff has spent his entire life developing his intuition through personal experimentation. With over a decade of studious deep research on human physiology, biological mechanisms of action coupled with first principles experiences of the results these mechanisms produce he is the ideal candidate to create these formulations. Most scientists unfortunately are far removed from the tangible realities of their research. Our education system is riddled with conceptual thinking layered on top of theoretics removed from reality. Peer reviewed research is reviewed by people with no repercussions for inaccuracy. Most formulas are lazy and purely based on what other people have written in a paper. We, of course, take the existing body of scientific research very seriously. We go deep into the documentation on every compound until we understand not only the mechanisms directly related to the action but also the surrounding ones which might impact it. This allows him to widen the scope and layer different mechanisms which will compound in their benefits. We confirm this by trying each ingredient alone, then together and EXPERIENCING those benefits multiply. We would never recommend or sell anything that didn't work wonders for us and stick in our regiments. We would never take the scientific literature on faith. If we don't FEEL it, then it falls away and we forget about it. There is too much out there you can feel working it is so powerful. This is what we offer you. We can't wait to hear about your results. 

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